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Me TIE Pilot

sith_haldir in sg_costumer

Isrida Scarf & Tie Collections

Did I ever post about this shop that sell Ties and Shawl cheaply?

Isrida Scarf & Tie Collections
11 Collyer Quay,
#02-23, The Arcade
Singapore 049317

TEL NO : +65-63366209 +65-63397655
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I thought it's gone now? I think I was searching for it so now it's like a wandering gypsy. Current location at Causeway Point basement but it sometimes appear at Tampines etc.
Is it? O__O When you check it out?

I last went there a few months back when I first gotten the Shawls for my Costume, some time after June I think.
Oooh then good, I think I went when they were renovating the area or something. But currently, they have some "gypsy" stalls that go around the malls now and then.
Isrida is still at The Arcade.

I just went there just (late evening) when I arrive too early at Raffles Place, so got the time to drop by The Arcade to check it out. :P