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Me TIE Pilot

sith_haldir in sg_costumer

Singapore Costume Shops



No. 7
Jln Lembah Kallang 
Singapore 339563

TEL: [65] 6333 9440
FAX : [65] 6325 4736

No 1 Costume Costume is the biggest costumes showroom in Singapore. With more than 20,000 costumes and accessories, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Let our friendly costume consultants assist you with all you needs and desires.

They offer the following products & services :-
Rental and purchase of the following kinds of costumes and accessories: Thematic; Movie; Christmas; Drama; International; and Retro, Custom-made of Costumes and Production of Mascots. Designs Costume Booths; Cosplays.

Business Hours Details
Mon to Fri: 10.30am - 8.00pm
Sat: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Sun: 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Public Holidays - Closed

They are the Largest and Best Costumes Shop in Singapore. From my own personal experiences, thought they are busy at times, their customer service is very good and the friendly staff will try to cater to your needs if you are seriously interested in renting or buying items. New costumes can be made according to need and its future usage and will be slightly higher than their standard rental price.

As for Tailoring, their pricetag is fixed for most type of costumes and ranges around SGD400. But if you bring your own Materials and Design, the price will be adjust accordingly. Their Tailored Costume (aka the ones you own) tend to be as accurate as the resources you provide them; I am very happy with the LOTR The Two Towers Elven Archer Vest as it was 95% like the original photo of the original item I gave them.

Their Store is right beside their Rental Area and have a very good selection of general costuming and halloween items. Prices can ranges from being higher than outside (Eg: Temporary Hair Spray) to reasonable.



No. 784
North Bridge Road
Singapore 198752

TEL: [65] 6297 0778

The owner is kinda temperment and how she serve you will depend on her mood. @__@ Unless you personally come down to her shop to check out your Tailored Costume or give a deadline (not too long tho'!), there is a risky of your costumes may not be done in time. =__= They also tend to use their own creativity to create certain parts of your costume if you don't provide sufficient resources or materials and explaination so be warn that your costume may not turn out accurate.

Their prices are lower than other costume shops tho' hence most cosplayers will commission them to do their costume.


7500A Beach Road
#02-308 The Plaza
Singapore 1999591

TEL: [65] 62992252

They only do Commission/Tailoring work currently.


No. 5 
Lorong Bakar Batu,
#07-05 Macpherson Industrial Complex
Singapore 384742

WEBSITE: http://www.mascotsandpuppets.com

TEL: [65] 6297 0778

The New Kid on the Block.

Being new, their ranges of Costumes are limited and from what they have displayed at their shop, tend to be the Historical and Mascots kinds. They also sell a selection of Wigs and Trimmings, other than provide services for Puppets.


26A Bali Lane 

TEL: [65] 6292 4889

The last I checked, they do not do any costumes that have Copyright such as Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings. Their rental costumes and items tend to be on the general and local taste side.


No. 49 
Surin Ave 
Singapore 535642 

TEL: [65] 6281 9578 

The last I check when there were near Little India, their range of costume are either Halloween Qualities or those they made themselves based on Commercial Halloween Costumes Design.

Yet to check them out at their new location.



1 Sophia Rd 
Peace Centre #02-03 

TEL: [65] 6334 3359

Another possible New Kid On The Block but I'm yet to check them out.



772 North Bridge Rd

TEL: [65] 6299 2077

They cater mostly to Dance and Drama Company but can do costumes too. They tend to be busy most of the time wiith orders from Schools, Dance Company etc so give at least 2 months to get your costume done


Will add infos on how to get to the Costumes Shops another time and update my comments about them after I personally visit the shops. Maybe will also add in more address as Yellowpages (SEARCH UNDER : Costumes-Masquerade & Theatrical) gave me more links than I expected so need to check out the rest first. -__^


hey i kind of need like 30 masks, like feathery or flittery masks for my graduation ceremony, which is in just a week's time, so do you think any of these places would have relatively cheap masks that students can afford?

i think i'd rather buy them than rent.

try for the bigger stores, they will most likely have flimsy, plain, plastic masks that you can just stick feathers on.
usually, masks that are already made and decorated cost quite a bit, because they are usually high end costume pieces.

thanks, but we ended up getting feather boas because decorated masks were too expensive


Thank you

Thanks heaps for putting this page together... saved me a lot of trouble finding costume shops in singapore... :)


hey i needed a plain white face mask, the jabbawockeez kind. which shop do u think can help me with that?
Thank you so much for your list. It helped me loads when I googled and got to this page.
:) Thanks!

Masquerade masks

Hello there, im currently doing a school play and im in of need masquerade masks. I was wondering if NO. 1 COSTUME COSTUME or COSTUMES & MASCOTS rents any. Thanks.

Re: Masquerade masks

You can try giving them a call to check. ;)

No 1 Costume Costume most likely do rent out Masquerade Masks and may even have a few for sale.

Not too sure about Costumes & Mascots.


thank you!

Thank you so much for the list. This helped me out a lot for a school related event. Just want to express my gratitude. :)



thanks very much!
do you know where i can possibly go to rent costumes along the theme of retro disco ?
and preferably at reasonable prices!